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External wall insulation - the refurbishment solutionExternal wall insulation has been in the market for over 50 years but has been developed over the last 15 years to meet decent homes standard and part 'L' of the building regulations to increase thermal performance and reduce carbon emissions.

With the continuous reduction of the worlds energy resources and high cost of heating, there is a focus on environmental climate change which has actioned the government to work with businesses to provide homes with thermal performance that keeps up with current legislation. 

The appearance of the outside of a building is important whether it be new build or a refurbished property. External wall insulation systems are fixed to the outside of a building by means of mechanical and/or adhesive fixing of insulation boards which are then covered with a mesh reinforcement, a base coat and the final decorative finish.This layered method wraps the property and helps prevent heat loss from the property.

This allows architects and designers to specify a range of flexible external wall insulation building solutions which conform to governmental legislation and regulations and offer a wide range of final finishes to meet your clients expectations.

Insulated render added to the external skin allows the outer shell to perform the thermal and weather shielding function with no loss of internal space. It also eliminates cold bridges and reduces air, wind and moisture penetration.

Additionally, external wall insulation avoids significant increases in the footprint or decreases in room size.